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Soaring Hammer builds props based on many types of genres and many forms of media. We build armor, weapons and other props from TV shows, movies and games just for starters. We also do custom builds and commissions. We can also provide molding services as well using the top of the line materials.

Soaring Hammers mission is to provide top quality props at a great price. If you want a costume for Halloween or you are a collector of high quality props from your favorite media then you have come to the right place. Soaring Hammer can meet your needs whether it is screen accurate or custom built. Let us make your imagination a reality. Let us forge your prop with the Soaring Hammer.

Our Solutions

Dedicated to bringing you top quality props and costumes.

Creative Design
We can design your dream costume. We use various styles of building props and costumes.

Other Services
We can mold your next project for you using the best materials on the market.
International shipping in a timely manner and insured.

Dark Hammer Creations

  • Dark Hammer Creations
  • Dark Hammer Creations


Soaring Hammer has teamed up with Dark Dream Design to bring you the most accurate Nightmare on Elm Street Gloves.Be on the look out for the new line of gloves from DARK HAMMER CREATIONS as we bring you Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Versus and Remake Gloves along with custom built projects as well.

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